I do not think I will ever age
At least in my mind, it seems that way
I do not believe I have ever aged
Unless I have and my memory of it faded away.

Even if my hair has greyed
My mannerisms have not changed
And I never mature in any way
But no one else seems to want to stay

No lessons learned are kept
I never repay my debt
All the people I hurt
Just leave me lying in the dirt.

So, I do not believe I age
Even though I do not like thinking this way
I do not believe I have ever aged
I only wish I could someday.

by Owen Potts

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I feel so alone I look at the trees They are alive with love birds., , , , , so touching and impressive with a nice theme. Thanks for sharing.
This little poem goes to confirm belief that the best of poems are brief. I liked it.
Yes, individuals sometimes feel less alive than a bird-blessed tree. Maybe all they require is some human company. Stunning perception, Rose!
concise but meaningful i love it
This poem deserved to be reread.
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