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Thank You For Breaking My Heart!

i thank you for all the things ive seen
i thank you for ruining my dream
i realized i had the wrong dream
because everything was not as it seem

i woke up one day
and no longer wanted to play
your silly games

as we get out of bead
u mess with my head
no kiss on my forehead
i wish i was dead

is this what being trapped in a coffin feel like
with you by my side
so i choose life
i must survive
my brain will not die
its perfect inside

and while you say the worst things
now u seen what it brings
and i know u cannot live
i gave you all i had to give
and believe me u took everything

where should i start
you took my heart
my kids
for them u knew id give
anything willingly
but was so blind to see
how u were deceiving me

right before my eyes
a quick second I CRY!
how i feel inside
i asked God why

and u know what he said
i forgive u my son your heart was just led
astray what can i say its a lesson u had to learn one day!

by Jason Callender

Comments (15)

Love this poem. So evocative. Thanks for this beauty and your comments.
loneliness lives around lovingly with nature!
Clever and lovely imagery. Very nicely done, Rose!
I feel so alone I look at the trees They are alive with love birds., , , , , so touching and impressive with a nice theme. Thanks for sharing.
This little poem goes to confirm belief that the best of poems are brief. I liked it.
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