(26 DEC 1943 / Wyandotte MI)


How could I ever understand
what it is you choose
to call existence
and how could I ever
tell you what it means to me?

A solitary dot stained
on the canvas
of the expanding universe,
I sense a primal shiver
whenever, 'stranger'
cries out from a page
or whispers in the aether.

February, 2008

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Alone is our most intimate comanion. When we die they will bury alone with us like we were lovers. (smiles.) Nice moody feel to this pen
wonderful poem...even as a dot we never get lost..10
a stranger is a friend you've yet to meet and what i find is stanger still the vast unknow inside of me that wanders out into crowded streets lol sorry what i mean is its a very good poem and i just wanted to address how so many people are more alone in a crowded room then they are by themselves
that was very good poem well writen
Great poem.... moves the mountains within one's soul.
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