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ET (March 24,1993 / )


Poem By Elphaba Thropp

I am alone.
Nobody here beside me.
My friends all ignore me,
I am alone.

When I try to talk to them
They don't listen.
Give me the cold shoulder.

When will they notice what they do?
When will they care?
Will they ever?

I am alone.
They don't care.
Nobody does.

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Comments (4)

You poor poor child. I hope you feel better now. My Best Wishes, Amanda
Dearest Trina, I beg to differ. There is one who does care for you. He knew you before you were born and he was the one who wove you into being. Jesus does care about you and wants all of His children to come to know Him personally. Praying for you, Ivy
I have a daughter your age and I really feel for you Trina! I'm glad you enjoy writing...you have a real talent for it. Sincerely, Mary
A very sad poem, Trina. You have family here at Poemhunter. Keep writing, we'll keep reading. Take care, poet lady. Hugs to you, CJ