EW (April 7,1977 / St. Paul, Minnesota)


When you are truly alone
No one answers your questions
No one holds you
Until the trembling stops
I am aching yet numb
Feeling inferior while I falsify life
While beneath the exterior
I sweep up the crumbs
Of the leftover dreams that turned
Into dust
And all of the shine that turned
Into rust

If they were to notice the dullness
In my eyes
Or picked up on the flat tone
In my voice
They would see that it's anything but simple
They would know I didn't make the choice
To be what I am and who I've become
Since depression absorbed me
And we became one

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Comments (6)

Very nicely expressed the poignant loneliness in your nice words. You may read my poem A MISERY
Thanks to each of you for such exquisite and heartfelt praise. Your appreciation is priceless to me...
Swimming in the sea of sadness in the emotional universe but soaring in the strata of significance in the poetic heavens. Well done my friend!
The poem hits hard like a brick, especially the last 2 lines. Well done.
That, my friend, is phenomenal. I like your style too.
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