(31-01-1990 / kolkata)


In the crowd, I stand alone
Noticeable but unnoticed,
Loveable but unloved,
Caring but uncared.

Certain lines cannot be changed,
People walking together, move ahead..
Find new companions, friends.

Alone do I stand,
With everybody, but without anyone for me
I am lost..fearing, shivering.
Loved ones find new ones to love;
Alone do I live, so will I die,
But cant find anybody for a laughing, joyous journey till the end.

Isolated, over self egoist and sacred
In secured, yes! ?
Where are the friends may I ask, who leave me behind and go
Find new ones and forget the old..

Life I still smile disguising my sadness;
Find me a friend, who understands,
Help my heart which doesn’t trust, trust someone
Wait till believe and make the journey …

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____________________________________________________________________ Very well Described, I can connect my self with it as I feel the same. Between the people but still all alone….So Alone! ! ! ____________________________________________________Harsh___________
Eloquent loneliness. Arnold says, 'We mortal millions live alone.' As for love, trust begets trust, distrust leads nowhere. When there is trust, there is no questioning. CP
A fine description of your solitude. The urge to get rid of this has been put in compact but meaningful words.........10/10 Best Wishes Sameer
none can be a poet unless hurt by love...
A very calm yet intense poem. thanks
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