Why does it hurt when you feel alone
Cutting in deep straight through the bone?
Surrounded by darkness and feeling so cold
Wanting touch when theres no one to hold
Wanting to talk when theres no one to hear
Alone in the dark drowning with fear

Why does it hurt when you feel all alone
Taken from the warm feelings you once had known?
With eyes like clouds and tears like rain
Drivin inside deep is the pain
A broken heart that just won't mend
Feelin alone in the world without a friend

Why does it hurt when you feel all alone?
When you once stood in the light, the sun had shone
Hiding within the darkest despair
A feeling within thinking no one will care
Misery is the only company you got
For when you feel alone, you feel it alot

by Megan Dugan

Comments (2)

Megan, great line at the end, I'd say that line speaks volumes. Well done and keep writing! ! Brian
OMG Megan, I know how this is...literally. When I was in my pre-teens, the sun did shine, and I danced and romped, laughed and played. Then it was all taken away, and for 5½ years, the clouds were so dark and my tears were more than the rain. I could feel the emotion in this poem of deep sadness. It is a shame when life in all of its cruelty, can shatter an innocent child's (or even an adult's) dreams and goals. When everything happy is taken away from us and we are left alone to fend for ourselves, we feel the world has just dropped on our heads. Thank you so much Megan for sharing this heart, mind and soul shattering poem. Maybe someday society will wake up. Maybe. Barbara