Mind Orchestrates It All

Listening to the workings of my body, hearing this heart
beat irregularly, giving extra beats throughout the hours.

Nothing to explain it, just the one word, 'idiopathic'
tells simply that no one knows.

Feeling blood pulse through my veins and arteries, ting-
ling with it's energy as it moves throughout my body.

Muscles and tendons moving, allowing me to walk and move

All of these extraordinary things happening within every-
one's bodies.

No one ever realizing that our minds are manipulating our
brains into producing what we need to live.

Like the center or main frame of a computer, our minds do
orchestrate everything that we do in life.

Knowing this truth through writing poetry, seeing it always
happening just this way through years of life.

Science needs to take a closer look, our minds are right
inside our heads, behind our eyes and ears, that's where I
feel mine working as I write.

by RoseAnn V. Shawiak

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This poem is excellent. I see it as a beautiful description of how two people find each other and discover their passionate love for each other. Like David and Bathsheba. When he(the flint) and she(the steel) meet, they complemented each other completely. They are soul mates. They alone are meant for each other. It is love at first sight; and lo! the spark of passion ignites the flame of love within them, and reveals their most intimate secret desires and expectations: That he (the stone) has secretly cherished the metal, and she (the steel) has secretly cherished the stone... and they have found what they have always longed for. True love. Christopher Laue
In 1913, Bierce traveled to Mexico to gain first-hand experience of the Mexican Revolution. While traveling with rebel troops, he disappeared without a trace. Obviously, they didn't like his poetry either. Old does not neccesarily mean good. Many of the writers in this site could put this to shame, He has just taken a pair of rhyming couplets and put them together. Bad scansion, terrible assonance and utterly banaal. .
short and is very catchy! :)
Beautiful poem. Thanks Ambrose Bierce
Short and sweet :) couldn't ask for anything better!
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