ZP (September 6th 1993 / Cali)


Have you ever been left behind even though your there?
Playing a part you cant seem to keep up with?
Have you ever been smothered by your own words,
or been sat on by the weight of the world?
Have you been in a situation and couldnt fight the tide?
Screaming HELP! ! but people just look right past you?
Have you ever lived in a world that wasnt upside down?
Have you have you ever been lost in your own head?
Have you turned the light on and found that it was still to dark?
You cant find answers to questions..
You cant find your way through a maze..
You cant stand theis people staring at you..
But you cant find the strangth to turn the page..
Sometimes you need help..
But the only thing there is a locked door?
You want to scream..
You want to run..
But there is no where to go.
Your still hoping for your happy ending..
But there is no end in sight..
You can just give up now..
But can you really let go without a fight?

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Life is one long fight, some battles we win others we lose but we still go on that is just part of the human condition - well thought out and written, spell check should have been used as the mistakes spoil it a little - 9