A walk on the endless road under the evening sky,
I found maself alone & no one around thereby…! !

I look with a desire at the starless dusky sky,
Yearning to find a star lighting up the dark sky…! !

Many stars appears there as the time passes by,
But there is no one around who could ever say that I’ll be there to stand by…

Stand by ma side, when m walking on the road all alone,
When all the desires & thoughts went along….! !

When all the beloved ones are gone,
Leaving me again all alone;
Under the same sky, sometimes starless & sometimes starry sky…
On the same endless road where I am walking by…..! ! ! !

Again a deep thought struck ma mind,
When I m walking on the same road, under the same sky;
But this time I’ve been grown to n old guy,
With the skin losing its charm n hairs turned grey…! ! !

Aren’t these endless road and the sky had been ma companions for ages,
Even at the time of agony or at the time of rages,
Whenever I was walking on the road under the sky…
These were ma companions when the thoughts used to passes by..! !

I was never alone in this world; they had always been ma true friend,
No matter how much numb they ever could be,
But they had always been around,
When I cried, laughed and tried wise enough to be…! ! !

And so this is the way they always would be……..;

And now I won’t be alone anymore……………………….! ! ! ! ! ! !

by Sunny Smilin

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We can't go all the time alone and we need a companion sometimes like the one in the poem.