TE (December 27,1985 / )


Left behind, scared, now where to go. This is
what it feels like when you're alone. Unaware of
those around you who once made you happy;
nothing can seem to make you happy.

Afraid to let anyone in, because they usually leave
you way more shattered than you were in the
beginning. Guarded and the feeling of in-human
is all that you're left with.

A heart once surrounded by a rainbow, has now
faded to a dark cloud with no pot of gold to
run too. Waiting, hoping for some one, something
to pull you up with out letting you fall. Than one
day you realize, being alone may not be so bad

With the puzzle pieces strewn about, you dance
throughout life with haphazard doubt. Just knowing
once day this pain will all go away, and this feeling
of alone will hopefully never come again.

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