Death to those who
are self loving and bitter
and wish to be alone.
Alone is to die alone,
to live alone. Why be alone?
Why? Give me a reason
and maybe I'll join you.
Then we can be alone together
but would we be alone while
in each other's company?
To be alone is so easy even
when you stand in a crowd of a thousand.
I stand alone
as you
stand beside

by Suzaku Vaneko

Comments (3)

This is very profound! Yes, we can feel so alone in our heads, even with a room full. But our nature is to be sociable isn't it! ? In the vast array of individuals that make up our species, guess some do want to be alone. Hard to understand, but true! This poem was put in a interesting way!
to b alone is a curse & a joy :) i really love this poem ur a great writer :)
You are never alone God is with everyone Yes lonliness is real and everyone feels it and i like how you protrayed lonliness inside your poem for what it truly is - a feeling of emptyness of an aching sadness that can only truly be eased by the love of God and talking to family and friends