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Lonliness is like a wall of fear, as it closes in on you
You feel it, but fear to touch it
You know it's there but can't find a way out
The people you know become shadows
And all motivation drains away

Lonliness can last a life time, or just be a passing phase
You can hide untill it passes
You can embrace it as your place
Once you own that place,
people can not take it away

Lonliness is like a quiet oasis, where no one can bombard
You retreat into the solitude
You rest with in that place that's yours
This is where your universe is real
And created by you for you

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I came to this site, thinking I could find my way out through writing poetry. I just wanted to read some poems to get started. Robyn has captured just what I wanted to say or described just how I feel, with wonderful skill. This poem especially touches me deeply. Thank you.