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RT (06.09.1973 / India)


Oh my love
These white tulips
Turning pale
Tired of waiting for you…
Oh my love
The horizon
Turning ugly black
Angry because you are still late
Oh my love
This light…
He is parting, hesitating-
And upset
He couldn’t kiss you…
Oh my love
Those snowflakes
Slowly melting away..
Sad, missing your smiles
Oh my love
The always humming
Our wind…
He is whistling away…
Denied of your fragrance

Oh my love
I will not complain
Though my eyes are just
Holding rains…
Though my heart is just
Moment away from breaking
Though my fingers are just
Numb and hurting
Though my feet is just
Frozen and killing…

Oh my love
How long I must wait?
How I must tell myself-
You already left me?
How more tulips I should kill
How more rains my eyes should rain?
How more winters I should cross?
My love, all alone again?

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crossing winters while tulips wait? pretty cool, nice write.