[zulu, Inkondlo] Incwadi Yothando Ii

Poem By LLM Mbatha

I feel alone,
And stand alone,
To hold my aching hands unaided,
I shed tears underneath the crystal light,

When I love alone,
I hate all that stand for it,
I express the laughter I held so long,
And appalling pain after,

Eat without a desire,
Sleep without a path,
Because of what I uncharted,
On the winding map.

Comments about [zulu, Inkondlo] Incwadi Yothando Ii

Paige, I enjoyed this! It shows a lot of depth, very good understanding of the sorrow that accompanies being alone. Excellent! Beth
Thought-provoking, a really great read. I admire the sentiment. Effie xx

2,7 out of 5
20 total ratings

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