GH (April 24th / Penzance England)


This bed is king size made for two
It’s wide enough for me and you
I lie awake each night and say
Paint on the wall’s fading away

I talk to the wall of course you see
You lie asleep oblivious of me
Five foot wide this bed of ours
Not far in fact from here to mars

I’m here for you day and night
Naked, ready for your delight
You choose to sleep hid away
In chaste attire well at bay

City’s smoke and grime behind
Cliffs and beaches all the time
A place of beauty and of peace
My questions why never cease

Windswept days on cliffs and sand
We enjoyed this freedom land
Now I tramp alone each day
Up and down this sandy bay

A place for lovers this is true
Arm in arm they should be too
Making love as sun goes down
Melted bodies golden brown

Affection kissed with welcome lips
Locked together at our hips
A union blessed it’s gods desire
It’s fundamental, kindles fire

What’s the wedge in our heart
That had us both break apart
I know of course but do deny
The truth concealed with a lie

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The emotion is well portrayed
well done it did get leap'd my heart a bit, ,