Poem Hunter
HS (1990- / Federalway Washington)


To think of all the fun we had
It brings nothing but tears
To think we had so much together
All along those years

I always had a smile
Because I had you to love
I was the luckiest girl on earth
You were sent from above

When your hand was in mine
I felt above them all
But now that you’re so far away
I’ve never felt so small

How could you leave me
Without even saying goodbye
Now I’m all alone
Wishing I could die

I would give everything
To be able to see your face
I believe I will some day
Somewhere someplace

I’m so empty without you
So I must find a way
To keep on living with out you
And go through another day

I’m letting you go now
Even though it’s very tough
I’m left with no directions
But I’ve finally had enough

To know the pain has almost stopped
And that I’ve cried all my tears
After knowing your not here anymore
Even after all those long years

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that is a very nice poem it reminds me of this boy i knew you should try my poems