AM (02 22 89 / Ontario, Canada.)


all alone, I wanna know
what did I do to make you go?
Sitting here, wishin you'd come back to me
to see your face one last time
I can't sleep, I can't dream,
I can't think, my mind is ready to crash
I miss your laugh, I miss your smile
I miss the way you made me feel like life was worth the while
who am I without you
I would never doubt you,
you're all that I need to proceed
I'm living my life around you
your kiss, your touch, your smile, your blush
everything you did, made me feel
so in love
I'm waiting here, your picture by my side
every glance is gaining back my pride
you're all alone, are you ok?
I think about you every day

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AHHHHH poor girl all alone, nice read very nice......Dave xxx