Alone Again, I Cry

My tears fall from heaven
Like rain from the sky,
I sit here all alone
I rock myself and cry.

I reach out in the night
And wonder where you are,
The tear rolls down my face
As I cry beneath our star.

Tonight you sleep alone
Miles away from me,
I pray to you with all my heart
For you to hear my plea.

Please come to me tonight
Make love to me in sleep,
Hold me close dont let me go
I pray to you my love to keep.

I stand beneath the starry sky
And feel the moonlight on my face.
I wrap my arms around myself
And dream of your embrace.

Would it be if life could change
You'd be here now with me?
I'd no longer be an empty ship
Drifting alone, lost at sea.

If now I closed my eyes
Would you come to me?
Would you press your lips to mine
And kiss me tenderly?

Every night I lie in wait for you
To come and hold me tight,
To feel you slipping into me
Making love thru out the night.

Yet tonight's like all the others
I sit alone and cry my pain,
My tears wash down my face
Like a storm cloud full of rain.

I miss you more than you know
And need you just as much,
You can take away my sorrow
With just a simple touch.

Place your lips to my brow
And kiss me tenderly,
Tell me there is no other
You've loved like you do me.

Just wrap your arms around me
And pull me close to you,
Then love me like no other
And prove your love is true.

by Kristi Day

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