EC (07-18-1989 / Arkansas)

The Lost Soul Trap

Floating life like a dream, the drum and flute music
Cross a dangerous pass as easily as walking on level ground, the lost soul trap
The manners and morals of the time just like mountain dangerously steep
Reputation originally like fog empty

对联体 ● 七绝罗志海著译
Two Pairs of Couplets ● Seven Words of Quatrain by Luo Zhihai

◆ Chinese Text



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**my take on this freakin' lonely feeling: you besieged me with your stifling silence. the curtain gossiped with the chilly breeze and as if calculating all my moves the bare dinner table and the chair stared waiting for the breaking of my dam of tears. ...hehehehe
Just so I can dream my heart away Dream of the life I want yes I have wanted to do that to. good job. *Purkey Girl*
You are never alone! God is ever by your side! Pl. find tine to go through mine 'NEVER ALONE' in poemhunter!