Alone At Home

Poem By Brigitte Pace

Lady was home alone
All she had was her green plastic bone

Her owners had gone out for the day
And Lady really wanted to play

Miserable, she lay on the ground with her long floppy ears
With watery eyes, it seemed as though she was about to burst into tears

Suddenly she perked up when she heard a squeaking sound coming from the house
Lady became excited, she hoped it was a mouse

She barked out loud and ran towards the sound
Lady was such a clever basset hound

With her long nose she sniffed out the little mouse in his hiding place
The whole morning turned into a playful ‘dog and mouse’ chase

The mouse was too fast for her and escaped through a small crack in the wall
He was terrified of this funny looking dog who stood two feet tall

Exhausted, Lady flopped down in her basket to rest
She had tried her very, very best

She closed her eyes and had a long nap
And dreamt that she managed to squeeze through the scary dog flap

When Lady woke up, her throat felt dry
She needed a gallon of water to drink and she knew why

The sun was shining and it was hot
She found her bowl and gulped down the lot

Lady looked at the dog flap
She lifted up one of her paws and gave it a sharp tap

She took a chance and pushed herself through the short gap
She made it out of the dreaded flap

Lady headed to the beach
It wasn’t far, within her reach

Calm blue sea with the tiniest of waves
Grottos and amazing caves

Lady’s paw marks were all over the sand
She loved to play by the sea and on land

Cool air blew around her and she splashed around in the sea
What a great feeling it was to be free
The aroma of food was all around
She was always hungry, this hilarious hound

An ice-cream van was parked nearby
Lady drooled and just stood by

A young couple spotted the little dog sitting down on her own
Her sad brown eyes caught their attention, they each bought her a cone

Lady wished that she could shout
As she clenched both of the cones in her mouth

She licked off the ice-cream and wolfed down the rest
She felt so very blessed

Lady sat and watched as the beautiful sunset
It was now time to head home or they would fret

She arrived just in time to see the car pull into the drive
Wagging her tail, this was her family and the reason she thrived

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