Alone But Not Lonely

I close the door
As I walk away
There is no going back
There is not a second chance in the past
I pack my memories in a book
And carry on with my pain
There is no such thing as happy ever after
I walk alone but not lonely leaving rain drops
At my path
I won’ stop today
If I stop walking, I will look back
And it will rain again
As the ghosts that hunt me raise from there graves to open an old wound
And I will bleed to death
I walk alone but not lonely
I carryon my empty heart
All the memories that didn’t fit in a book
Because when the link starts to fade away
My memories won’t …
I look a the gray sky and smile
Good-bye to the past as I move on
To the unknown

summer of 2009

by Guadalupe martinez

Comments (3)

Oh my....what a title... Alone...but not lonely... So well expressed in the poem. Read my poem 'ALL ALONE'
i love this. the poem is filled with the feelings of loss and hope. nice poem.
'Alone, but not lonely'... original title... thatnks for sharing...