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Alone Forever
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Alone Forever

Poem By zoe Christodoulou

The stress of being who I am
Is killing me so much
I hate myself
Alone in this world
I have no one at all to turn to

People say they understand
But no, they don’t at all
They pretend
And I understand why
But it helps me little if at all

I cut myself to escape
It helped a bit
But I can’t do that now I wont
I hate this life
Stressful exams and her

She makes me happy
She makes me sad
Makes day turn into night
She’s made me cry
So many times before

She doesn’t know
What she’s done to me
If I mention the subject she turns her head
So I keep it inside
Where my feelings are safe

Safe from others but not me
I can’t hide it from myself
These feelings I have just wont go away
I want to be normal so bad
I can’t be happy like this

I know there are others
But I can’t seem to find them
Looking and searching forever
It just seems to me
I’ll be alone forever

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