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Alone I Break
AF ( / Los Angels)

Alone I Break

Poem By Aiden Florence

If suicide isn’t a solution
Then what is?
If ending it all isn’t enough
Then what is?

Tranquility never emerged this way before
So dreadful so bitter…..so hollow
A dropp of tear embrace much more emotions
Than ever before.

In the florescent light
Scars materialize much darker grief
With bitterness flowing through the mind
There’s nothing he can do to overcome such ache.

His bitter blood
Will let it all flow together
Creating an exquisite painting
Of a beautiful angel that tore his heart apart.

So much for one love
That meant the world to him
So much for all the years
That suddenly came to an end

Alleviation will never come to life
As he tremble and fall
He can only feel the rapture of liberation
From all the damage he had to endure all this time

From love
From pretense……


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This is so good. I like it a lot... I know the feeling. You capture emotion so well.: ]