Alone In A Crowd

Here I am, alone in a crowd
dare not speak my thoughts out loud.
All decked out from head to toe
just hoping that my slip don’t show!
Don’t know why we ever came
this social whirl’s just one big game!
My smile is plastered on my face
can I even walk, in heels, with grace?
It’s going to be a long, long night
can’t seem to do anything right!
That man of mine stay far from me
is his cold shoulder my destiny?
Insisting on coming—a mistake of mine
if we had stayed home, he’d be fine.
But I was the one that wanted to come
once again, I was really dumb!
Look at him! Wouldn’t you know-----
he’s charming and vibrant all aglow!
All of a sudden, he’s having fun-----
I only want this night to be done!

by Bettie Jean

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