Alone In A Crowd

Poem By Alison Smith

She wanders through the crowd
It is as though she wasn't even there
No one acknowledges her presence
She is but a breath of air.

Have you ever felt alone in a crowd?
Wished you could be part of the scene
Felt as if everyone looks passed you
Wondered what it would be like to be heard.

She opens her mouth but no sound is heard
She walks but leaves no footprint in the sand
She feels no warmth within her heart
She hears no one call her name.

Next time you walk the busy street
Look for the wisp for it may be her
As you admire a beautiful sunset
Listen for the rustle of her words.

There is nothing more painful
As being alone in a crowd
Nothing so crushing
As having no voice.

See her, hear her, feel her love
She has so much she wants to give......

Comments about Alone In A Crowd

I love this poem Alison, describes perfectly the way I feel many a time.
There is nothing more painful As being alone in a crowd Nothing so crushing As having no voice...................sentiments common to oh! so many in this busy, buzy buzzing world today! nice write.
i loved this poem! i think everyone must feel like that at some point
Beautiful simply wonderfully put of how one can feel, , , I must admit that there are times that I wish to be 'alone' in that crowd, by choice, , , , but then there are the oh so many times that one wishes that perhaps just one kind smile or hand would reach out....A smile, a touch, could save a heart from breaking at times and the giver would not even know what they had done...People are just too scared to reach out I think or hardened by their own pain.....another 100 here..marci m. :)
Alison, as always Beautifully done..loved so true! ! ! Kim

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