Alone In A Crowd

Though I'm surround by people, some good, some bad,
Some funny, and sweet, some like me who are lonely and sad.
My problem first social, to fit right in,
Drinking soon turned into my very best friend.
First once a week, then once a day,
It hurt those I love, to see me this way.
I'll stop drinking, it's only just for my nerves,
Tomorrow I'll stop, those were my words.
Each day would pass, sometimes in a blur,
I just couldn't stop, and for him or for her.
Liquor a drug, more powerful than lust,
Has caused those I love in me to lose trust.
I sit in my room, and sip at my drink,
With tears in my eyes, as I sit and think.
Comfort, and joy, for this person you see,
Is not how it looks, it couldn't be me.
The mirror doesn't lie, as I look at myself,
Alone in a world, I'm all by myself.

by Velmar Pewee Hale Johnson

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