Alone In Autism

Poem By Jennifer Jenkins

wires don't connect,
earth's sounds, too profound-
anxiety mistaken,
spoiled rotten

full of poison-
mercury migrates
toes to hair,
insomulent eyes glaciate-
trial and error, heavy cost
constant fussing,
sudden changes snap
the safety pin-

no hushing
horns and sirens
or the roar of
monstrous appliances-
cover ears tight,
no singing,
no sounds to soothe.

toothbrush shocks,
paste burns spicy-
head hurts, barber,
clippers chew, prickles
stick the neck.

bees and mosquitos stalk,
prisoner of summer
stays behind safe walls-
can't wear short socks,
what if tomorrow rains?

artist or architect,
lego cities,
ships to Saturn-
every detail missed
by our lazy eyes.

a boy sits on a spectrum,
his own personal genius
guiding us
through his world
of echoes and imitations-

chromosomes lost
in the ladder,
never compromise
his beauty.

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