HAJ (21 may 1965 / kuwait)

Alone In My Darknees

alone in my darknees

i was alone...
alone i live in my darkness..
no one share me..
no one considerated my feelings..

i was a human without sense...
without loving....
and i was without heart....

i wasn`t saw in my darknees, only myself..
and my blackest dark..

suddenly.. a light came to me from a far way..
yes, its come and be near and close to me..

its come and its lights my darkness..
its let me to see around me..
its knowing me who was near me...

then i became not alone
i am with others..
became a human shared in feelings with others..

i became a human with a feelings..
with a loving....
and i was with a heart....

suddenly agian, a lights wants to go...
after its lights my darkness..
and after its make my heart a white..

no, no, don`t let my heart become agian blackest..
and don`t let me be agian alone...
plz don`t do.....

by hazem al jaber

Comments (8)

hazem, i understand what u want to portray here.(Just be careful for the words, hmn...) I can see u are a very good poet...nice thoughts, hazem!
That's a hot write, Good 1 Hazem
Hi Hazem......great poem, well expressed.....full of the darkness you have felt in your heart. It comes across very strongly. A great write. Love, Fran xx
Hey, this is a really great poem! I hope you don't feel alone like this..... Good day Dona
Great poem! I loved to read it!
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