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O Farmers

Start ploughing your field
Even though it is summer.

O peacocks!
Start dancing and calling
To the clouds
Even though it is summer.

O clouds!
Start thundering
Even though it is summer.

O God of rains!
Start giving water through rain
And rainfall and by doing
Your duty satisfy all.

When in summer
Farmers are busy in ploughing
Peacocks are calling
Clouds are thundering
Rain is here life is here
With new creation.

We know and we are sure
After summer
Comes rainy season.

by Gajanan Mishra

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Beautiful poem! I loved it!
Awesome I like this poem, check mine out 
Here I love you Went across the sea But never returned back My all words went in vein Liken an anchored, I stood back I love what I do not have But still I can sing a song Here I love you! Dear poet, beautiful is the poem, which express a deep love which can remain only in a dream..loved the poem.
years apart from where i am, but you capture exactly the same tide of emotion that i felt...loving someone that i can not have. Thank you Pablo Neruda. Love this poem so much.
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