Alone In The Crowd

Do you see me?
Look closer.
I am she!
The woman walking calmly through the throng.
Your eyes pass right over me
In search of outstanding physical beauty
To satisfy your longing for something extraordinary.

I, however, am exceedingly ordinary,
In outer appearance that is.
I have no desire to attract any attention:
Whether admiration or admonition.
I choose to move through life unseen.

Unlike the itinerant monks
I occasionally see standing in the street,
I have no need of a bamboo hat to hide my face.
I have no need of a begging bowl and bell to plead my cause.
I stride quietly through life
Announcing my presence in silence
To those with the awareness to sense me.

I have learned to accept that most people will rush by
With nothing but disdain for those who are less distressed
By the unstoppable passage of time, the chances being lost,
The opportunities to shine being disregarded.
I have learned to keep to my own course, my own pace,
No matter how much the crowd surges around me,
Pulling each other this way and that,
Like crisscrossing gulf streams
Confusing the smooth circulation of energy
In this sea we call civilization.

I may be one fish in billions.
But I will swim my own race,
Regardless of the pace set by my fellows.
Let them rush back and forth,
Frantically scavenging for scraps to sustain them,
Constantly in fear of sharks,
Hoping that it is the guy next to them who gets chomped.

I will place my faith in Fate.
Sure that she will provide what I need to survive.
Willing to offer myself up to the belly of the beast
When he opens his mouth and beckons.
Knowing my time will come when it is meant to
So why run from what I cannot hope to escape?

I will swim in serenity, eternally,
Accepting that what must be will be.

by Suzanne Hayasaki

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I love this poem. March to the beat of your own drum
I love your poem. March to the beat of your own drum.