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Alone In The Crowds
DT (08-04-1964 / Louisville, KY.)

Alone In The Crowds

Poem By Dave Tendell

I am of no importance…That is what they say.
I guess, everlastingly at least until my ultimate dying day.
Like a piece of a puzzle, I yearn to fit
As a lifeless rock, I do nothing but continually sit.

I am adapted to the disability of falling.
Probably should be just sitting in a chair or maybe crawling.
Like an old rusty wrecking ball, I destroy all that’s in my way.
Sometimes I just want to die-at least to God I often pray.

Like a losing lottery ticket, I disappoint each and all.
Ultimately, I just want to sit down and uncontrollably sob and ball.
Like a hardened criminal, I am nothing but a prisoner in this old crippled body of mine.
Often I wonder- why does it have to be my twisted spine?

I find myself alone in the crowds,
waiting to meet God in the clouds.
Often I feel that not a soul cares.
Like a freak in a show, I am relentlessly getting embarrassing comments and probing stares.

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