Facts In Life!

I got shot by a gun
Life is not always fun!

I got hit by a car
Accidents never go far!

I got stabbed by a knife
that is what is called life!

I got attacked by a killer
You might always get iller!

The stone knocked me on the head
Thats the stone which always led!

I fell down at the ground
Thats when there's a penny found!

I also fell into a hole
I saw my self near a mole!

I flew up into the air
And I saw nothing but air!

I looked down under my feet
I saw an ant that I had hit!

Its all facts you cant deny
move on, Come on! Give a smile!

(Soha Bayat Kheradmand)

by Soha Bayat Kheradmand

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Comments (4)

wow, fantastic poem you are not alone, all of us with you
‘Wild flowers’, ‘helpless worms creep’… Ma’am you saw and wrote for them… Normally what is unseen by commons seen by poets…so you’re alone not indeed and for sure Nice poem… Voted 10+ Ms. Nivedita UK
'Alone in the night I sleep Of lightning flashes my window No withered grass…no spilled wine While thunder crashes the meadow..' Amazing poetry from you. Placed with beautiful words. I am sure, you are not alone. Enjoyed reading it
Grace! you are never alone The Divine flashes his eyes upon you With his grace We are always safegood write lady