Alone In The Night

Memories sometimes bring rainbows of passion,
As the windowsills of the world struggle for light.
I found sweetness in the voices of the angels,
Calling me to encounter a joyful adventure, I traveled to foreign lands consumed with illusions,
And stood at crossroads finding my way.
Sometimes lost dreams made me feel alone,
Too many thoughts brought waterfalls of tears. Many colors unique in different hues emerged,
Mischievous wonders came with the days end.
I found the promised paradise in the skies,
Away from the world where goodness provides harmony. Riding a rainbow high above the clouds.
I passed through the mortality of life.
The miracle of the sunshine was so peaceful,
As the hour of eternity embraced me in loving.

by Marcia Schwartz

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a beautiful read. Flow was great. Keep writing!