A Sleepless Night

Starring out
at the star lit sky
To tired to sleep
Watch the night go by
The eerie sound
Of a hooting owl
Autum leaves falling down
The bold winds growl
Milk bottles rattle
Cats screeching
As they fight in battle
A falling star
Catches my eye
A distant dogs bark
Receives a reply
The clouds uncover
The midnight moon
That brings a pale light
To brighten my room
A branches shadows
Across my ceiling
Its approaching 4
I should sleeping
Lying next to my partner
Whose in deep slumber
What she is dreaming
I start to wonder
Its so intriguing
The world at night
The spooky sounds
The lack of sight
Resemblance to evil
Gives us fright
The night sky fades
At the break of dawn
A restless night
Now begin to yawn
An orange glow
Starts to creep
Above the horizon
I fall asleep

by nic hillen

Comments (3)

Nice structure here & good rhythym. You are off to a great start.
I like the way your poems address the 'Big Questions'. Keep up the good work...
Ali this is a well construted poem and you are only eighteen you have got years ahead of you and many more great writes cheers Sylvie