Alone In The Universe

When you were around, you were my protection            
I know it was kinda hard, but you did it to perfection
You were so protective
Sticking on me like adhesive
Never let my hands go
Even if I said so…

Well now you’re gone
And here I am now, all alone
Leaving you will be just like committing a suicide
Do you think that I’ll die happy on the inside?

I always keep you in mind,
As something larger than life
Please don’t leave me behind
Cause I’m not going to survive

You erased our memories with kerosene
Don’t really care how beautiful live has been
I wish I could live life in reverse
Cause now I’m alone in the universe

Since you’ve been gone I’m waiting here all alone…
A minute seems so long
Make it hard for me to move on

Day and night seems the same
There is no sense of time
This world now seems so lame
Like a song without rhyme…

Like a song without any verse
Cause now I’m alone in the universe

by Ali Kristianto Budiman

Comments (3)

Nice structure here & good rhythym. You are off to a great start.
I like the way your poems address the 'Big Questions'. Keep up the good work...
Ali this is a well construted poem and you are only eighteen you have got years ahead of you and many more great writes cheers Sylvie