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Alone In The World In His Mid Seventies

On medication for clinical depression the years have left him sad and gray
Old Jim he is in his mid seventies he has known a far better day
Three years ago his darling Kate died suddenly she was the great love of his life
His soul mate and mother of his children and to him a devoted wife
Her death a huge shock to his system and post grieving depression set in
Since then for him life is all downhill he looks rather haggard and thin
In his one bedroom flat he feels lonely as he battles his sense of despair
His will to live keeps him on living sometimes life can seem so unfair
His son and daughter and his grandchildren in England and England a long way from here
And he does not have friends or relations who to him live anywhere near
Always on his own in the Parkland he does seem so lonely to me
For him I can only feel sorry but he needs more than sympathy
Alone in the World in his mid seventies one cannot say that he is not brave
His better days are long behind him and he grieves for his wife in her grave.

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