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Alone In Your Room

Alone in your room have you ever shed tears
For the place far away of your younger years
As you think of your young friends where might they be today
Where the deceased are perhaps some of them lay

And some of them left to try their luck elsewhere
To follow their life's dreams in the big World out there
You may not recognize them if you met them today
That time ages faces only true to say

And some of them in the old hometown did stay
Or from there in distance ageing not far away
The stay at home for them an often used name
Though no two journeys in life are exactly the same

The clock on your life ever keeps ticking fast
Alone in your room have you ever wept for the past?
And the old streets you often did walk up and down
And the people you knew in the far away town.

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Yes, I have wept for those young years and those friends from long ago. I guess it is something we do as we get older and slower. Superb writing, Francis. 10++++++++++++++