AA (1961 / Taif)

Alone Not Lonely

I am alone right now
I am not lonely.
In the night, the sky is full of stars.
Nobody knows how many!
We do not see all things.
In the daytime, the earth is full of sun light,
And people various activates.
Normal life
We do not see everything.
Bad inspirations,
And evil scruples should be out.
Alone with my thoughts.
That I would like to share some with you.
Leaving the past and that unwanted story

by Abdullah alHemaidy

Comments (3)

I have a poem with same title. At least I found a soul who shares my philosophy]
I am glad to read your nice comment. Being alone does not mean lonely that's the whole point. Best regards.
Actually being alone give us an opportunity to find more about things, self, and make mind working...especially if we alone in the nature whispers..Definitely God creates things for us to watch, learn and think...and of course i agree with you being alone not mean lonely. I do sometimes go away from anyone just with me and self...and it is comfortable thing that i can do especially when i am down...it makes me stronger.._Soul