Alone To Die By Yourself

I promised you I'd always be there
When you needed me most, you were all alone
How do I learn to live with the fact
I broke a promise I can't take back
Alone were you, in the cool morning air
Alone by yourself, through that aweful nightmare
Alone by yourself when you got taken from me
No one to hold your broken bones
No one to help you; you were alone, alone
With a mothers love I should have been there
To hold you through that aweful nightmare
Now that you're gone, I hate myself
I left you alone, to die by yourself

by jeannie schmidt

Comments (4)

I did cry. Totally. I cried. Great poem.
Wow. I seriously almost cried. This seems like a poem that my mother would write me. I don't want to get too far into detail, but she has left me alone a few times before. I like this alot. Thank you. >.<
this is a pain only the truely hurt can heart goes to you as I know this pain...nice work.
I like this...its gave me the chills reading it...that a good thing lol...i like it..great job *BB*