Alone With These Thoughts

i thought of you in all the blood,
slipping in
the reality's,

control is lost given to the shallow breaths,
the Juliettes marionetted on the edge of this,
n i thought i could fly,

you under my wings a breath
of godliness,

n the righteous pledging there lives to all this,

shit uncovered n stinking up my spaces

dark places i kinda like except,

without you there
an unfurled flag
a nation unbound by what it should have,

i find myself drowning,

gasping for air,
its like the life i left behind,
n forgetting i remember your face,

a ghost of better times,

id like to live without but,
its a part of the machine,

it grows n the clock ticks n tocks n i am alone here

alone with these thoughts.................

by BladesongRaven Gehrig

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