To Him She Loves

Poem By Dyuti Banerjee

My heart longs for a figment of thy presence,
Thy absence absents from my life its very essence;
Mine smiles conditioned by thy mirth,
Thy frown mothers my sadness unto its birth.
I wonder, if this is love, and this be true,
What this came from, where it grew?
Yet I stop, I stop in fear,
('cause I hold thee very dear)
If this our love can transcend
Time, or with Time might it blend,
For I know not, nor to know am I,
(For thee, I know, my heart doth sigh)
Though forever, I be thine, and thou mine,
Till heaven's stars may lose their shine-
Can thou beat Time, fast and sheer,
When it to us may come very near?
Ev'n if Life's terrain prove too short a space,
Or thou mayest find than mine a better face-
My love for thee shall still be bright,
Thy soul, by my love, shall be fastened tight
To mine. And thus, our souls combined,
Shall touch Eternity's shores, a Paradise for us shall we find.....

Comments about To Him She Loves

words divine thanks... welcome to poemhunter family
Lovely's a passionate rendering of the beautiful emotion called LOVE........10/10.......keep writing....
Amazingly expressed. Thank you for provoking so beautiful emotions.Lovely.

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