Ultimate Surrender


When I got ready to surrender to you

Keeping me away from earthly pleasures

Finishing all social responsibilities

The wild horse wanted to return to the woods

Why then blown your conch calling me

You know I don’t belong to me any more

I don’t belong to me any more you know

Even if you wish could I hold on to my arms

Any more to fight against all odds

There is no difference in win or defeat

I am a pauper now after ultimate submission

Only happiness belongs to me -why create confusion

What pleasure was there in surrender to you

Who lighted my candle within at the dusk

Could I return now even with lot of offers

I am dreaming freedom from life, re-birth

After surrender you know I don’t belong to me


by Rajkumar Mukherjee

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Comments (7)

I feel like I am the subject of this poem. nice
I agree with this poem. It speaks truth. I think everyone every once in awhile thinks they are alone. Even when they are in a group of friends. Oh wait, that's me! Haha. Nice job. >.<
very nice, I loved it, alone is how I'm feeling inside since some bad things ocurred
wow, this is a very nice poem. this is also how i feel since i lost my Girlfriend
I really enjoyed this poem. Its how i feel everyday since i lost my Girlfriend... Definiatly one of my Favourites! Love it... Dean
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