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ARM (Sept 17,1989 / Phillipines)


Alone I drift away,
Alone I walk a thousand miles,
Alone I fall asleep,
Alone I stare at the sky,
Alone I sit under a tree,
Alone I cry.

Alone I dream of you,
Alone I hope and pray,
to God who is oh so merciful and powerful
to let me find my way.

Alone I drift away,
Alone I live today,
and alone I'll die someday.

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Comments (7)

I feel like I am the subject of this poem. nice
I agree with this poem. It speaks truth. I think everyone every once in awhile thinks they are alone. Even when they are in a group of friends. Oh wait, that's me! Haha. Nice job. >.<
very nice, I loved it, alone is how I'm feeling inside since some bad things ocurred
wow, this is a very nice poem. this is also how i feel since i lost my Girlfriend
I really enjoyed this poem. Its how i feel everyday since i lost my Girlfriend... Definiatly one of my Favourites! Love it... Dean
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