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Along Came An Angel
AV (September 23,1986 / Sudbury, Ontario, Canada)

Along Came An Angel

In the darkness he strode along,
A somber heart matched with somber song,
It was dark much like his mind,
He stumbled along for quite some time,
Til he came apon a solitary beam of light,
In this dreadful darkness that resembled night,
Within the light stood a being,
Of beauty which could not be seen,
There she stood so gracefully,
Absolute beauty in her entirety,
The weary knight could not even behold,
The beauty in front of him on the path he strode,
He did not speak he rather stood getting old,
For even the brave knight could not behave so bold,
And in the midst of the cold,
The knight from the guard of the old,
Collapsed to his knees there in the snow,
Of beauty superior he would never know,
He would never watch another love grow,
Never have another battle scar to show,
He never heard the arrow start,
But it surely pierced his heart,
As he lay in the snow defeated,
He quite comfortably conceded,
Death may have come in a ghastly place,
Yet he left Earth content staring into the angel's face.

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