Along The Cobbled Street

Poem By Pat Royce

As I’m walking,
I hear my tapping feet,
I’m walking on the cobbles,
Along the cobbled street.

The shops are light and airy,
With colors all aglow,
Everything’s just dandy,
In this street I know.

The town clock’s chiming.
It’s eight forty eight!
A young girl’s smiling softly.
Give us a fag mate!

Take the open pack.
I’ll buy another twenty.
And that’s an end to that.

Slipping into Sainsburys,
Wow, this could be my lucky day!
The cashier’s smiling softly,
As she tinkers with the tray.

So I tell here she is lovely,
Here eyes are open wide,
I see a little twinkle,
As warm as toast inside.

The church bell's clanging.
Bouncing off the walls.
What a rood awaking,
Loud as cannon balls!

But Jo’s is full of laughter.
As I saunter through the door,
Loads of lovely girlies,
Squeezing round the floor.

Hello lovely people,
Kissing all the babes,
Drinking lots of Brandy,
And chatting with the blades.

Singing with Alexis
Having lots of fun.
Smiling at young Katy
She’s sutch a lovely bun.

Jason’s sitting stalwart.
Racheles acting Queen.
Supping on their champagne,
In the happy seen.

Disels eyes are popping,
Through his rosy lens,
Trying to get noticed,
By his girly friends!

Carole you are lovely
You always make me smile
Living for the moment
Tipsy but with style

Jason the barman man
Always dose his best
Ready with the Brandy
And always smartly dressed

Dickhead Dave‘s a guit
He’s always on my case
He says I am agresive
But he’s the big disgrace

I hear his leg is broken
Hip hip hip hip huray
I wish that I did it
But it’s not the way I play

Later while I’m talking
Another drink appeares
Getting rather tipsy
So I swollow and say Cheers!

Sophy wants to take me home
But it’s not here lucky day
I’m off tonight with Lucy
To dance the night away

The club is hot and sweaty
As I writhe arround the floor
Where is lucky Lucy
As I stumble out the door

Another day starts
Lucy’s fled the nest
I do my hours work
And bugger all the rest

Life’s tough at the top

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