The Importance Of Vaccination

Vaccinate your babies, have no fear or doubt,
Because saving lives is what vaccination is all about.
Immunization is important as it saves millions each year,
It keeps diseases at bay so that some do not reappear,

Vaccinate your children, you do not have to think twice,
If you are in doubt simply just ask for a doctor's advice,
Ask your health care professionals, believe me they know best,
They know the timing for each vaccine, so put your worries at rest,

You will help eradicate diseases by building your child's immunity,
And that prevents outbreaks of many diseases within our community,
So do not hesitate, feel free to learn about the importance of vaccination,
For it is this gift of science that has given great protection to our nation,

Rotavirus, Hepatitis, Polio, Measles, Mumps and Rubella,
Vaccines prevent the rain of diseases with a vaccine based umbrella,
Tuberculosis, Chickenpox, Pertussis, Tetanus and Diphtheria,
Immunization can save your children from all sorts of viruses and bacteria.

Prevention is better than a cure describes the concept of vaccination best,
Why would anyone risk their children being put to an eternal rest?
Do it for their your child's sake, prevent diseases that can cause death,
Prevent your innocent young child from taking his or her final breath,

The side effects are very mild and allergic reactions are extremely rare,
And it offers great protection from many deadly diseases in the air.
So vaccinate your children for the protection of their own lives,
So that they do not have to risk becoming victims of disease's evil knives.

by Daya Nandan

Comments (10)

How many lives has been sheltered, by this aged tree along this road where it stood still? one can say accurately. A beautiful philosophical poem shared. Thanks for sharing.
Human life is like a tall tree in this vast universe, men come and go bu the tree stands still. A beautiful poem.
“How many lives has been sheltered “ I Love the question and Love the poem.
A tree by the road side provides sweet shelter to man and beast both in blistering heat and drizzling rain, But only a poet understands the beauty of the service the tree extends to both friends and foe alike. A thoughtful write Jez!
Looking at the shadow! ! Thanks for sharing.
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