Thoughts Of Saddam Hussein

Missiles, bombs and rockets do rain down
just where I look
and do explode on women, children, houses
and apartment buildings.

Orphanages lay in rubble
when the American warplanes do disappear
and it's an unknown sun
that now does shine over my country.

Foreign mercenaries, unbelieving Kurds
and soldiers from the satanic country
do drive in armoured cars and battle tanks,
do descend from the sky,
do march with rocket launchers and rifles

and just outside Tikrit
I am jerked out of the well
while the heathen barbarians do cheer,
as if they have won a lottery
and they do fire off victory shots.

While I walk with long hair
to the death wall,
an unbelieving foreign soldier
from the satanic country
does smile self-satisfied
and my people, my nation is without hope.

He stands smoking
blowing the cigarette smoke into my face
and talks about sexual things
with a Isabel woman
from the same group of heathens
with stars and stripes
that like a loathsome emblem
does sit on their sleeves.

Everywhere the outland
English speaking foreigners do loot
buildings, offices and even houses
and ancient treasures are carried away,
holy symbols are desecrated
and oil installations
do pump oil into the foreign ships
that does sail away to America
and worldwide the price of oil and the price of fuel
does sharply rise
as America is forcing other countries
to pay her war debts

and in vain the serene moon
does hang over my Arabic country
that now does belong to America
and our culture, our way of life
from ages past is dying
and I am blinded,
hear shot after shot being fired
and everything does fade away into nothing.

by Gert Strydom

Comments (9)

How many lives has been sheltered, by this aged tree along this road where it stood still? one can say accurately. A beautiful philosophical poem shared. Thanks for sharing.
Human life is like a tall tree in this vast universe, men come and go bu the tree stands still. A beautiful poem.
“How many lives has been sheltered “ I Love the question and Love the poem.
A tree by the road side provides sweet shelter to man and beast both in blistering heat and drizzling rain, But only a poet understands the beauty of the service the tree extends to both friends and foe alike. A thoughtful write Jez!
Looking at the shadow! ! Thanks for sharing.
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