An opportunity, free gift to mankind
The fame of positive creators of impact
An all encompassing phenomenon
weighed not by possession
but impact

Success! The vehicle to fulfillment
The destroyer of failure
The food of the future icons
A matter of worth and value, not just wealth

Success! The creator's utmost desire for humanity
Not minding age, race or colour
Success! Got by doing the extraordinary,
Achieved by a full dose of discipline

Success! Sought for by many
But worked for by few
Success! Rewards of the determined,
Innovators and brainstormers
Success, the wine of great men
The carrier of excellence, promoter of fame

Doing the unusual, with
unbroken focus, amidst
all distractions.

by Imaobong Akan

Comments (5)

To me the last three lines were a surprise. The details of cooling himself by cooling his wrists in the previous nine lines, rather seeming excessive, become an excellent metaphor for his imagined encounter with his beloved. -GK
To let my hand rest lightly. Thanks for sharing this poem with us.
Such a great poem by Rainer Maria Rilke👍👍👍
A imaged filled write
A typical poem by Rilke, the poem uses a simple metaphor drawn from nature to describe how he would receive his love. The metaphor is beautiful, a dynamic one stating an entire experience, uniquely personal and not a universalized one. The poet does not drink the water from the tree trunk to quench his thirst but lets the experience seep though his whole being beginning with a tactile experience of absorbing its pristineness through the wrists.The experience is something that gets transformed into an entirely spiritual one from a purely sensory one. A very remarkable thing about the poem is that the metaphor occupies more space in the scheme of things than the main theme: How he will receive his love. The beauty of the sensory experience entirely obfuscates the physical experience of love obtained through nearness and touch and raises it to the level of another spiritual experience.