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Along The Walkway
FEB (May 14,1953 / Pittsburgh, PA)

Along The Walkway

Poem By Faith Elizabeth Brigham

it is her job to sweep the walkway
but she can not sweep today
for her heart has just been broken
and the gripping pain won't go away

she has to sweep the walkway
she must do it everyday if she wants pay
there are two dogs she has adopted
or visa versa along the way

she works away her broom in hand
the sun baring down on her fair face
her new found friends just want to play
up and down the walkway they will race

she bids good morning to the cop
as he saunters by and pets the dogs
but he can't stop too long to play
for he's got tickets he must log

she stops along the walkway to wipe
away the tears her lover caused when
he created havoc in her heart so bound
she barely brushes as she sweeps the walkway down

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That's a really sad story Faith, I love the last two lines, one can picture her sweeping away. Sincerely Ernestine