Along With The Mystical Awakening

Along with the mystical awakening
in the process of remaking
his consciousness
the deep and primal life
which he shares with all creation
is an intensity of vision
and sureness of judgement.

And the things which the seer
brings back with him
when he returns to common life
are not merely partial impressions
but are truths which embrace
the world, life and conduct.

by Genova Maaa my mother

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As well as spiritual awakening, in the procedure of converting his awareness, the profound and primeval life which he/she shares with the cosmos is an acuteness of visualisation and a certainty of evaluation. When the mystic returns to ordinary life, the things which he/she brings back with him/her are not incomplete concepts/images, but facts which encircle the world, life and behaviour. This poem is absolutely fascinating! A wonderful understanding is given to the reader of the time when the mystic returns to the ordinary world and of the gifts which he returns with, through the words of the poem. Outstanding work! Thank you for sharing, dearest Tonyyyyy...