Falling Out Of Love

Is the feeling already gone?
Because i feel it is already gone,
Or am I just turning back,
And think it's already gone,

I'm falling out of love,
To the one I trully love,
I fought of days for this love,
And still it gave up,

I hope this won't hurt you,
'Coz i do not love you,
But still i'm desiring to be with you,
'Coz now i'm really loving you,

Not because i haven't this feeling,
But becasue loving you i'm desiring,
Love 'coz of feeling is immature loving,
Love 'coz you're desiring is true loving,

I loved you,
But now i'm really loving you,
I needed you,
And now i'm really needing you.


by Geovanni Leaño

Comments (7)

Yesterday's Tribune is gone, Along with youth. Down the memory lane. Beautiful poem. Thanks for sharing it here.
Hemingway was great with novels, very good with short stories, and with poetry... Well, so far,66 people have given this poem a rating of 6.0 out of ten. You decide.
odd the things and the memories we collect as we journey on through life- it makes you wonder why some things stick in your mind.... perhaps because these things are personal metaphors for something else- -take that stuffed owl for instance... is it really a reminder of a stuffy souled woman who looks out upon the world with jaundiced eyes, always perceiving faults, prejudiced widow watching everybody's life and picking it apart...
A lamentation is expressed at the end of the poem.. And some memories are highly highlighter! great1
.........a beautiful reflection of yesterday's memories ★
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