(26 DEC 1943 / Wyandotte MI)


Dusk descends across the west
as our yellow dwarf star
surrenders its daily reign -
washing the horizon
in l diadem of refracted light.

The prismatic clouds blaze
like a wondrous skycape
brushed by an impressionist deity
conjoining the passing day
with the emergent shades of night.

The first stars have arrived
to escort the silver moon
through its nocturnal journey.

The season of sleep is upon us.
A few tilts of the hour glass
will transport our circling furnace
just below the eastern peaks-
a harbinger of the coming day.

Dawn and dusk
framed in luminous Alpenglow.

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Maya Angelou

Caged Bird

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Science and art blended to create an absolutely beautiful skyscape. This poem charmed me as it waved its magic wand of words over me. Awesome topic awesomely delivered.