Drown in the misery
Choke on tears
Crumple into unsaid words
Die of fright from indignity
Wake to see my Angel
My absolution
She holds it in her being
In the fact that she exists
Try to find peace in the pain
Mortal binds that hold no meaning
Human flesh in all its’ imperfections
But she binds me tighter
Her face stops the war
The battle for peace
Found with the impending doom
But she stops it all
Because she holds my heart
In her smile
In her hands
At her feet
My soul in her form
My future in her laughter
She is my absolution
My redemption
The reason I atone
Simply because she breathes
Because she knows I exist
Because she is my Angel
My innocent sin
My love
My everything
My immortality in her kiss
My simple hand in bliss
The reason to wake
My world
My Angel

by Alejandro Torres

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